Get ready for a spring barbecue with a Lumarko store!

Get ready for a spring barbecue with a Lumarko store!
Spring has come to our gardens for good, bringing with it the scent of blooming flowers and freshly cut grass. Pleasant lazy afternoons are more often accompanied by a tasty aroma of grilled dishes in the company of the joyful bustle of loved ones and friends. Before meeting at a shared table in the fresh air, it is worth first to get useful accessories that will improve and thus make the time spent barbecuing more enjoyable. Find out what to take care of before guests arrive!

Before lighting the grill

Preparing for grilling is best to start at least a few hours before the scheduled meeting. Then you can prepare all the dishes that will be on the grill. It is good to season the meat well in advance and leave it in such a marinade for two hours or longer so that they get a delicious, deep taste. Marinated meat is best put in the fridge in a lockable food container. A frequent guest on the table during a barbecue rest is also a light salad that will complement the taste of prepared dishes. You can make it in a special bowl with a lid, thanks to which it will not lose its freshness and taste for a long time.

Arrange a BBQ

The most important thing on the grill is tasty food and pleasant atmosphere. However, no grill would have been successful had it not been for the right equipment and accessories. The obvious point is therefore the proper preparation of the grill device, as well as the place where you and your loved ones will enjoy the food prepared in this way. Put on a paper, foil or material table cloth to cover the table. It is easy to remove any dirt from this type of tablecloth, and in the case of more severe stains without regrets, replace it with a new one at your next meeting. To avoid more cleaning and a long wash after the grill, you should decide to buy disposable plates, cups and cutlery. Such a set will be much lighter and less cumbersome to carry, and you will also avoid the risk of damaging your favorite tableware. Also remember to use disposable grilling trays, which will avoid bothersome dirt on the original grill.

Fun and after fun!

So prepared, you will undoubtedly organize a fantastic barbecue in good company. You can prepare all the delicacies efficiently, while fully devoting time to celebrate the joint meeting, instead of sticking to the dishes. After a successful evening there will be time for the obligatory equipment. It's best to use a special grill fluid designed to remove greasy dirt. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the grill will keep its good condition for longer, so you can use it for many seasons. Remember to clean both the grill and other elements of the device.
The barbecue season continues! You will find all the necessary grill accessories for its preparation in our assortment.


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