Create a home spa with products from the Lumarko store

Create a home spa with products from the Lumarko store
A long and tiring day at work is behind you?
Or maybe another exhausting day spent at home?
A pleasantly relaxing bath is something that will undoubtedly improve your mood!
It is known for a long time that a long, hot shower or bathing bath has excellent soothing properties. So you don't have to spend money on a visit to the SPA and comprehensive service to enjoy a bit of relaxation. With products from our online store, you can create a private wellness center, saving both travel time and money. Purchased cosmetics and accessories will certainly serve you many times, so you can organize your home SPA as often as you need it. Even if everyday!

Fragrant body wash cosmetics

A bath in warm or hot water perfectly relaxes, loosening all tense muscles. To fully take care of all your senses, it is worth adding a few drops of essential oils to the bath water. If there are no such, you can after a while go to the pleasant stage, which is gentle cleansing of the skin with massage. It sounds fantastic, and you only need a soft sponge suitable for a subtle massage. In our offer you will also find those intended for a slightly stronger rub with microgranules that will support circulation, while pleasantly cleansing the skin. For a full feeling of pleasant relaxation, choose a mild bar soap or shower gel with your favorite fragrance. Palmolive or Nivea creamy shower gel with beautiful aroma soothes the senses, while giving the impression of cleansed and moisturized skin.

Skin care and nutrition

Wipe clean, fragrant body with a delicate terry towel, trying to avoid rubbing too hard. A suitable towel will absorb moisture from the skin, leaving it smooth and not irritated. The next item on the to-do list at your home SPA is of course skin care. Massage the nourishing or regenerating body lotion with your favorite aroma in circular motions. Remember to use products tailored to the individual needs of the skin to ensure its optimal hydration and hydration. A pleasant floral fragrance will put you in a happy mood, while the fruity ones will have a subtle energizing effect. After all, you can enjoy a cup of your favorite tea with soothing flavors and good reading or an interesting series.

Home SPA for your relaxation

You don't need much to create a pleasant mood. Quickly organized home SPA allows you to relax and regenerate the body, as well as clear the mind after a busy day. Such a feast for the senses is extremely necessary to be able to return to daily duties with doubled strength, new energy and a calm head. All the necessary cosmetics and accessories needed to create a SPA at home can be found in the extensive offer of our online store. Order today and give yourself a little pleasure whenever you need it.


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